Financing the trip

This is my cost estimate for my entire year abroad in Germany. Looking at the additional out of pocket expenses and corresponding them with the costs I know for a fact on my German dorm, I can assure my costs WILL be lower. Even though the paper states that these are the minimum, I know I will not amount to that and now even more so because of the Euro rates.

However, travel will be abundant as much as I can since Germany really is in the darn middle of everything. Places I will be visiting (on weekends and maybe 3 countries on my 5 week break):
-Vienna, Basel/Zurich, London, Ireland, Croatia, France, Italy and Barcelona (I have a lot more but I don't want to get too ahead of myself).

My finances will be covered by my FAFSA ($7000 over the year, although it could flux due to my scholarship), my savings ($2000 as of now) and I hope to receive two more scholarships. I applied for the Gilman and received the maximum award of $5000! I also hope to earn the study abroad office scholarship (payment not set) and my university general scholarship (payment could be 500+).