What Would You Do With 10 Days of No Responsibility?

I have ten days left of my study abroad journey in Germany. It will continue on for a bit after reaching America, because adjusting back into the American lifestyle is not going easy, and I'm preparing to be really overwhelmed.

"You mean they just put ice in your drinks?"
"They are bagging our groceries, isn't that our job?"
"Holy crap, there are 237 VARIETIES OF EVERYTHING HERE!"
They do have Subway though. Never been inside; heard it's pretty similar except the cookies aren't 'chewy'.
I know that some of these things don't seem like much a of shock to anyone who hasn't study abroad, but it really is quite strange to lose those little bits of life. For the next ten days I have pretty much free reign of what I'd like to do except that I'm a) finally broke b) in dire need of packing my suitcase c) too sad to start anything else. So, I'm going to throw it onto you guys: What would you do with ten days of no responsibility?

Going back to the pieces of life that will soon overwhelm me, I am hoping it's the little things that take my mind away from the huge responsibilities that lay forth for me upon return, like:

  • finding a part-time job
  • finding an internship
  • finding an apartment in San Francisco

This year was all about finding myself and becoming more secure with who I am.  Now, I am heading back to America to find things that will help this new persona I've adopted into a secure one. Hide and Seek was never my forte but you could say that this year in Germany allowed me to hide from lots of the big issues that were coming in my life, but also strategize and prepare myself for them.

When I get off that plane, and step onto American soil next week, it's going to start one hell of a search.

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