It All Ends (A Two Week Reflection)

It seems that just yesterday I was altering this blog into my study abroad journal, getting ready to fly over into my birth country. Well hello Father Time because it's two weeks until my departure date. I'm headed to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter tonight with a couple friends, and looks like I'm going to be using about 70% of the tears once reserved for leaving Germany on the 26th. 

I am not a public crier at all. 

Anyway, I wanted to get a few things out in the open in this reflection and here we go!

Things I Will Miss:
Making foreign friends
My new American friends who live in other cities
Being just an hour away from London by plane
Speaking German all the time
Paying just 58,00 Euro for a semesters worth of public transportation (take note San Francisco!)
Having so much free time it becomes time consuming to think of what to do with it
Eating falafels at Die Kichererbse (eat both here and at Neckarmueller when you come to Tuebingen. DO IT.) 

Thing I Won't Miss AT ALL:
Not having a job
The lack of clothing stores that I like in my town
Going an hour out of the city to watch American movies
Having to watch tennis matches on crap live streams
Not being able to order all things from Amazon (like the $6.99 HP soundtrack deal going on today) :(
Not drinking Dr. Pepper (is this list going where you wanted it to?)
Skyping with my family (I have a pretty shit computer, so my family can sometimes barely hear or see me! Not cool.)

Days Left in Germany: 14 :(

For those who have studied abroad or made big life moves, what did you miss/didn't you miss from that time?


  1. I studied from Jan2011-Jun2011 in France and it CHANGED my life.

    Things I Miss:
    - The advantages of having pretty much NO responsibilities.
    - Being able to be visibly intoxicated in public and no one gives a damn!
    - My class schedule!! It enabled me to travel around France/Europe so much more!
    - THE FOOD. I didn't think I'd miss the food that much, but coming back home to the states makes me so upset that I can't just go to the Monoprix (grocery store) down the street, purchase a baguette, cheese, and some wine and be happy with LIFE.
    - The fact that the city was small enough that I could walk EVERYWHERE. It was a pain at first but when you're drunk, you don't have to think about driving a car.
    - Random festivals that would overrun the entire city, giving everyone and excuse to be crazy for no reason.
    - Shopping. OF COURSE.
    - The couple of nightclubs in town having the best atmospheres!!
    - The most important of all: the making of friends from all over the world who grew with me during this experience. The way they know me now is better than most of my friends back home!

    Things I Don't Miss:
    - Horrible internet connections that, just like everything else, shut down on Sundays.
    - Just Sundays in general. By French law, businesses cannot be open (with an exception to a few random places) and on dreary, winter days when spending the day outside was not an option, things got pretty boring. Luckily most of our Sundays were spent recovering from our week of partying (haha)
    - The crazy insane French drivers.
    - Dog poop anywhere and EVERYWHERE. So much that there are weekly street cleaners whose job is to clean that up!
    - Customer service. For the most part, CS wasn't horrible but when you encounter bad CS in France, they act like it's normal (because it is for them), but as an American, I was enraged everytime!! I couldn't stand it.

    All in all, I miss A LOT more than I don't miss. And even the things I don't miss are what made France feel like such a great host home to me. It's been almost 4 months since I've left France, but I will never forget how my life changed during that semester abroad!! If you want to read my blog from my 6-month adventure, go to: hellofromhibo.blogspot.com :)

  2. I think you really enjoyed your journey and also make memorable moments with friend.Thanks for sharing your experience.