EuropaPark, Where All Your Fears Come True

On Friday I had an amazing day at EuropaPark! I even went on all the roller coasters, which is a shock because I can usually only go on the ones that don't twist or turn or have huge drops. With the help of my Tanya and Kelsey however, I even went on this death machine:

Silverstar not only looks beastly, but it is the biggest and biggest roller coaster in Europe. I almost cried as we tip towards the largest drop I have ever seen in my life. I closed my eyes but oh my goodness, nothing can stop the feeling that you are lifting from your seat. It was fun, but I'd only do it again if I was drugged dead. Seriously, Silverstar is the scariest fucking thing. Look at this drop (219 ft!)

There was also one coaster that induced this face:
I liked my first expression so much I bought that photo (6 Euro!)
 My first upside-down coaster, BlueFire, was the culprit.

However, we ended up going on a last time before we left, and even though my heart was pounding, it went perfect as you can see from the bottom photo. I actually laughed the entire way the second time. I think it's because BlueFire doesn't make you anticipate anything when you start, it just blasts off at 60mph. Silverstar however, makes you wait as you climb that steep hill (239 ft)...

At EuropaPark I would say we made the best out of our 7 hours. There were favorite rides (specifically the water ones and this one wooden coaster) that we went on multiple times. The food was cheap for a park too. They weren't trying to rip anybody off like at the states. My lunch was fish and chips for only 4,50 Euro. We also got cotton candy the size of our heads. I think we spent the first three hours wondering where people had gotten theirs from, and we found it by luck after exclaiming our wishes for it. It was only 1 Euro for like a 3 person portion, but our eyes were bigger than our heads. None of us finished ours.

My favorite part was how the Addias store and restaurant inside the park had Wimbledon playing on every screen! I got to watch Djokovic beat Tsonga--revenge for beating my personal favorite Federer ;) !

That sounds lame, but that's how big of a tennis nerd I am. Can't wait to see Djokovic v. Nadal today. I'm rooting for Djokovic, because he's just grown so much and seems to be a genuine player this year (besides the racket break against Lopez...) If Nadal wins, I'll be just as happy. My personal tennis player list:

1. Roger Federer
2. Novak Djokovic
3. Rafael Nadal
4. Robin Soderling

How was your weekend? Are you a tennis fan!? (If so, post your favorites list!)

Days Left in Germany: 23

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