Eight Days, Eight To-Do's

Oh man, this is getting pretty emotional. With eight days left, barely any funds and a plane ticket to America calling my name, it's time to get things done. None of these are must-dos, as I'm pretty much free from obligation until I leave next Tuesday, but they'd be nice to complete. What things you may ask?

  1. Ride in the front of the Tuebingen. There are these perfect larger sized seats in the fronts of our buses, I always wanted to snag one. I'm dong it within these eight days.
  2. Learn how to deposit change into the bank. I have an overwhelming amount and don't want it to go to waste for however long it takes me to get back into Europe.
  3. Sell the rest of my crap. Don't want it, feel bad throwing it away.
  4. Use up the free movie/food tickets I got from a Rent-an-American gig (any Germany movie recs?)
  5. Get a decent grade in Grammatik (kind of out of my hands now, as I think I bombed my last final....ugh)
  6. Enjoy a nice end of study abroad BBQ with my fellow CSU students
  7. Use my one-way ticket to America
  8. Write my article for the Gilman Scholarship (who helped my year abroad come true!)


  1. Has it really been a year? I wish you the best on your last week of Germany!

  2. I'm always on the lookout for cheap airline tickets because I'm hoping to backpack around Europe after my semester abroad this fall. Does anyone have recommendations for a good itinerary?

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