Versailles (HOWYG)

You can ask around, and people will tell you that I never had any intentions of going to Paris --ever. It seemed overplayed and none of the attractions stood out to me AT ALL. However, my friend Heidi, who visited in December/January for two weeks really wanted to visit Paris, and so off we went for four days. I'm starting off with one of our last trips for this recap, our trip to Versailles.

Oh Marie Antoinette, isn't she the reason we girls all go to Versailles? To bath ourselves in her excess, to yell at our friends playfully, 'Let them eat cake!" Well, I day started with a big adventure of trying to find the apartment of the French band, Air, to meet up with a friend so we could all go together, but details got lost and we missed each other, so Heidi and I set off alone.

Inherently, I got us lost for about 30 minutes, but being in study abroad I've learned to stand my ground in a foreign country, meaning I sucked it up and asked a train conductor for help. She ended up being super sweet and gave us all the information we needed to get to Versailles. You should have seen her face light up when we said we were both university students in California. It's a look I've grown to enjoy getting while here abroad. I will really miss the novelty when back in America. Any who, we had finally made it!

Heidi and I were in a bit of a tiff throughout the travels (2 weeks together while abroad can do that to you) and I was walking a bit ahead. She was wearing new Nike high tops instead of good walking shoes but that's just a technicality, and I was overreacting. After a short argument, we got things figured out for the most part, and slowly reconciled as we waited in line for our Versailles tickets. It was a long walk, wait and entire day for the most part.

What I loved was grandness of it all. I've never been a fancy person, but being in France does something to people. It's hard to imagine what it would be like living in the palace, but that didn't stop my mind from rolling as the tour went on. Another enjoyable aspect was that they did allow us to take photos everywhere. I had to keep photos to a minimum however, because I had about 50 left and more things to see in my last two days of Paris!

Details from the giant garden are sparse from me, as it was winter and nothing was bright and blooming like the pictures I'd seen or like in the Sofia Coppola movie. It was a cold day and our feet were tired from the length of the Palace.

Lots of green and ice, but no lovely flowers.
Frozen all-over.
I really like this. 
We enjoyed a short stroll through it and decided to leave and find somewhere to eat. If we had happened to be celebrities or rich kids that afternoon, food comas would have ensued here:

Yes, I am a fan. And yes, I've seen all of his shows.
twice the glamour.
All in all a good and very long day at the Palace of Versailles, and a reason I'd no longer consider Paris a travel destination to skip.

Have you ever been to Versailles? Have you watched Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola? (Because that shizz was a beauty to look at but annoying to really dissect as a film.)

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