Recaps and Videotapes

I was cleaning out space on my hard drive (disclosure: so that I could play Sims 3 faster...haha) and came across a lot of photos from my travels this year. It's seems as though recaps of them have been disregarded on here (except for my first solo trip to Belgium--which has multiple posts) and I wanted to share them. So today starts the beginning of:

This travel series will include mini-recaps of stories and events that occurred over my study abroad year and I'll release them little by little until I board my plane back to San Francisco. I hope it may even extend to travels I make when I return! The series even has a theme to go with the above logo.

The video came out a bit sadder (mostly for me) than I thought it would, but I like it and had no energy to change anything. It's theme is 'At the Mall' by David Torn from the Lars and the Real Girl soundtrack. Can't wait to share with you all!

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