Poop and the Zoo (HOWYG)

The first time I visited Berlin was the day after Silvester, or New Years Eve. Needless to say, the streets were littered with confetti and broken beer bottles. Mixed in with the mushing snow, it wasn't a very pretty sight to see after coming from the eclectic Hamburg.

All my life I have been fascinated by animals, and even considered study zoology, but after taking some science courses at college, I realized I was better suited elsewhere. One thing I am seriously considering is starting my own animal shelter, where eventually a partner could be found to run a veterinary practice right next door. Dream big or don't dream at all is my motto.

Zoos may seem very captive to some people, but done right, a zoo is a lovely place. Growing up, luck put me in a hometown with one of the best zoos in America, The Saint Louis Zoo. Beautiful, respectful for the animals, and free. Since moving from there, I have found lots of zoos that are a disgrace and you can see the sadness of their animals, so I can see why most would hate zoos.

Heidi and I went to the Berlin Zoo on the
second and last day of our visit there and the weather was downright freezing! Animals were sparse throughout due to this, but we got to see a lovely selection of polar bears, lions, birds, and a panda!

The first stop we made was to the polar bears, where I had a hilarious and embarrassing moment when I bird pooped right on my head and camera! That was the first time that's ever happened to me and in true to me form, all I could do was laugh as I grabbed handfuls of snow to 'wash my hair.' At least the polar bears were worth it:

I think we watched them for a whole half hour.
Afterwards we walked through the bird exhibit, which was cool but I didn't take any pictures. Still too distracted about the bird poop incident. Then we saw some white wolves and penguins. We also headed into the lion cages, where I spent a good bit just observing one couple, who were anxiously awaiting their next feeding.

Sweetie pies.
Discussing a course of action.
And march!
A lone ranger and his foes.
The lion cage was almost a favourite ahead of the polar bears. When we arrived they were attempting to pull a Christmas tree through a space in their cage.

This poor girl was crying the whole time. I felt so bad. I almost wanted to open the cage for her.
A sweet cub.
Lonely panda on a bench. Awww he seemed alright, but  how sad!
Any how, my thoughts are that I love the zoo because there are so many animals that I want to learn about and see up close. I know that there are problems with the system, and I'd also like to learn more about them. Leave your knowledge in the comments!

Growing up, my life was a combination of sitting under the basement stairs with Dewars, my dog at the time, watching Emergency Vets on Animal Planet and splitting reading time between Dog Fancy and a dog enclyclopedia. Did I mention that I didn't have any friends?

What are your thoughts your local zoo/ zoos in general? Are you an animal lover?


  1. Aww.. Mr. Panda looks so sad. Ever since I was little, I have had this infacuation with panda bears. And although in the back of my mind I know that they are not timid creatures that I could just cuddle up with like the stuffed animals I once had, I still want to.

    Nice pictures.

  2. Me too! I to give him a hug so bad but, some serious consequences could have followed....like death haha.

    Thanks for your comment!