PM Life: Happy Father's Day and a Few German Artists

I hope you all have a lovely Father's Day today. In celebration I wanted to share a few a my favorite songs from male German artists. Actually, I've just been wanting to share them and that was a terrible excuse.

First up, I wanted to spotlight Clueso, a young artist (31) who is known in Germany as a kind of Reggae and Hip Hop singer/rapper but his latest music has a lot more pop influence. His latest album, An und für sich, is lovely and if you want to hear more German and have more confidence in deciphering the language in your daily life than his music is perfect. I love his song 'Zu Schnell Vorbei,' and you can watch the very tranquil video below!

Oh, and he's really handsome. Should I have mentioned that first?

The next guy, Jochen Distelmeier is a bit strange for me. Not the music but it's just kind of random in how I even found out about him. Any who, this is the first and only song I've listened to by Jochen and although I didn't understand the song at first, after nine months I really. I remember just ending my first semester in German and thinking is he telling people that he wants more hate!? Roughly, it's mean "Where to put the hate?' and nothing at all about promoting it. Great song. (Couldn't find the real video from Youtube but do look it up on MTV or etc, it's interesting!)

And since no German song list is complete without this band, I leave you with Die Prinzen. They were the first German music I ever heard and my class watched the video for 'Deutschland' which is hilarious. I couldn't find the video, maybe if you search you can, but I did find another funny supplement. Enjoy and Happy Father's Day?

What is your favorite German song? Who is your favorite German artist?

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  1. I absolutely love Glasses. They're a female-fronted hardcore band that played in Tübingen not too long ago. There's also a really cool band made up of a bunch of art students who live in Berlin called Herpes. It's like Neo-New Wave, really cool. I saw them at Eppflehause aswell.