Changing Paths

WOWOWWOWOW. I know you guys don't need me to mention any of these things anymore but my life is about to rapidly change.

3 WEEKS: HP London Premiere (what? what! yes.)
5 WEEKS: Packing packing packing (try not to die.)
6 WEEKS: Going back to America (a whole year away but it seemed so quick!)
7 WEEKS: Apply for both a journalism internship and a job (ongoing, really)
8 WEEKS: Register for the rest of my Fall 2011 courses (SENIOR YEAR!)

I'm really excited for both events of course but having larger and larger heart attacks every day about them. It's hard to say exactly what emotions running through me right now will stay or leave after the events pass. My week-long break from University is shortly coming to a close and was spent mostly enjoying my day in its laziest forms. It will probably be my last. I loved it.

My study abroad advisers recently sent out the 'to-do list' for the return home and I cannot believe how much I have to do in less than six weeks time. Things that I have to keep reminding myself of are that I've gone through many major changes in my life since ending high school and I can do this. The pressure that's mounting is being thrust on by my heavy thoughts and I just need to let them go. Mind over freaking matter.

Weeks left in Germany: 5.8
Days until first half-marathon: 121 days
Minutes run this week: 48
Apples eaten today: 1

Name one major event in your life and how you dealt with it.

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