Birthday Rehash (Alles Gute!)

Today I am twenty one. Today I am one year older and in a whole different country than last year! Being abroad is wonderful and it's definitely feeling weird to celebrate 21 here instead of America.

I wanted to give you guys a birthday playlist but remembered that this time last year I was listening to a selection of Happy Birthday songs. I still love them all. The only song I changed was The Cure because I wasn't in that kind of mood today. So here's a re-hashed post listing for the celebration of 21 years of birth (also for my twin sister!)

Alright so here are some "Happy Birthday" songs written by artists I enjoy:

The Beatles. I mean, it's The Beatles.

Sufjan Stevens, loyal recipient of the first music Monday post way back when! I wish I could have seem him perform Age of Adz live, the reviews are outstanding!

 Andrew Bird and I could be birdwatching buddies I wouldn't mind that he thinks "being alone can be quite romantic," because being together with his lovely music is too! I'd listen to this all day even if it wasn't my birthday (and you know, all those Uni courses I have today.)

This Norwegian born singer is full of happiness and spirit! This song is a bit of a sad tune though. His concerts are always super lovely and he's never one to turn down a fan. This birthday song is from his 2007 album, "Phantom Punch." And no, he did not come to say happy birthday today because he is too busy getting ready for a concert tonight in San Francisco. On my birthday! *Tear* But I do recommended you check out ALL of his albums because they will make you feel all bubbly inside. 

Besides songs about 'Happy Birthday' I've really been digging French Kicks!

I hope that you all are also having a good day and open up your pockets and shelves to leave a little space for these guys. What are your favorite birthday songs? Is there a song you like to listen to on your special day?

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  1. Happy 21st bday! I had my 21st when I was studying abroad as well :)