PM Life: Dubbing, how on EARTH is that enjoyable?

How could we forget the classic, Ferris Macht Blau?
There are some parts of Germany I will never understand. For instance, how it can be enjoyable to hear the German language dubbed over American films. Sure, they've hired experts to make the lip motions undetectable but right from the get go the viewers know that this actors don't sound like that.

You just have to think about all the hard work that went into making a film in the first place and the actors who study to bring the right tone and pitch just goes to waste. At least that's my opinion (feel free to discuss yours in the comments!) When I watch German or French or any other foreign language film, I never wish for it to be in English just to understand it better. The premise that dubbing would make the film experience more comfortable or enjoyable just doesn't resonate with me. The meanings could easily get mix or have lesser or greater impact simply by translation and I want the film in full effect. Could you even imagine watching Amélie dubbed in English? Such a beautiful and well-awarded film that was in *gasp* French! --and stayed that way.

*Side note: My favorite German film is called Die Fetten Jahre Sind Vorbei or The Edukators (when bought in America). It was the first film I ever watched in German and I can watch it without subtitles and understand. Great movie! Runner up is of course Goodbye Lenin, which is a great film even if you don't speak German (just use subtitles!) So don't get it wrong, I love hearing German and watching German films!!

Another thing that drives me up a wall about it is the dubbing of animated films. A normal film dissapointment example would be Skyping with my mom and having her tell me that's Will Ferrell's in a really funny new animated film. So I'm all hyped of course, excited to see it, and when I look at the German movie poster, it's new actors playing the roles and no Will Ferrell or Tina Fey for me. WHY??
It has been a full eight months so I'm pretty accostumed to this occurance now and know that if I want the original it's time to pay up to take the train for an hour out to the nearest English theater. Le sigh. But what's a movie lover to do? I used to attend a Saturday matinee with my roommate almost every week last year. Now I go around every two months just due to the expense but hey, I got two free tickets to a German theater from a recent Rent-an-American visit. Can't wait to put those to good use on a German film. Until the moment when Germany and other foreign countries who use dubbing decide to stop and go back to basic subtitles take a look at this website, 'Against Dubbing'. Now a couple questions for you:

What are you thoughts on dubbing? YAY or NAY?
And if you like dubbing, please tell me why!

***edited to ADD: My friend from Italy has noted that the quality of German dubbing isn't as great as that in Italian. She has noted that she does not prefer the Italian one because it is her language, but because she thinks that put more preference to finding the right voice for each actor. I think that's great because if you took a little time to research, you'd realize Germany relies heavily on the same five or six actors to do voiceovers.To give you an example, here are two clips of Scrubs (one in Italian and one in German). Enjoy!

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