8.3 Weeks

Is the length of time left for me here in Germany. While I haven't been traveling (my funds won't allow for any more thick travel this year), I do have lots already pre-paid and planned, and I've been doing as much socially as I can stand. :)

Upcoming plans and notations:
-stop freaking that Fleet Foxes had the best concert set list I have ever heard
Casey, just one piece of the amazing Fleet Foxes!
-See 'Never Let Me Go' tomorrow
Carey Mulligan is in it, so you're not asking me WHY I'm seeing this...correct?
-make dinner plans with a group of friends
-make a budget for my trip to London for the HP Premiere
German bahnhofs don't have it? Already purchased online!
-maybe plan another trip to London for my week break coming up (I know I said I don't have funds, but I'll scrap barrels to go to London--always!)
-think about which Olympic tickets I want to bid for on June 28th (yes, I may spend my birthday bidding for tickets because I want to see Phelps in the finishing swimming rounds--tickets weren't available to purchase for three in the first Olympic ticket bids.)
-Stop freaking that I have tickets (stepmom and bro!) to see Michael Phelps a qualifying swim at the Olympics!!
-More phonetic practice. Still trying to tame my American accent.
-clean my room
-pack all items I'll be selling at the end of my abroad year
-pack items for the girl who have me her abroad furnishings for her return to Germany
-freak out because there are 8.3 weeks left!

What are your upcoming plans and notations?

Days until first half-marathon: 140 days
Minutes run this week: none
Apples eaten today: 0


  1. I definitely need to start running. My roomie is about to run her first half marathon, and my other roomie is already a marathon runner. I need to learn how to not hate running.

    ALSO, I LOVE YOUR BLOG HEADER! I don't know why I never saw it before.

  2. Thanks so much, I am a major Whovian! Haha but yes, I have also many friends who run so I just had to step it up. I hated running as well, but now I actually get stoked about waking up to do so!