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Once in a while, your mother/ parent scrounges up just enough cash to come and visit her charming daughter during spring break. Lucky for her, this year she got a change of scenery from San Francisco, and got to visit a country she knows quite well....Germany!

We stopped by metro-Stuttgart. Including the Mercedes Benz Museum.
enjoying a local art installation.

Here she is pretending that she loves cars.
 Explore and fancied beautiful Cologne!
I guess T.J Maxx didn't work internationally? Ha
In front of the Dom. We went inside as well, but no need to smother you with the pics.
We also went to the Chocolate Museum which was great. My mom got a stockpile to bring back to the States.

Ha! A mustard museum. Wasn't in the plan but what the heck? Turn out to just be a great store with delicious mustard. We bought a few. You haven't lived until you've tried the Honig!
Ate traditional German food and saw the 'Disney Castle' in Munich

(Word of advice. The castle was pretty but the tour was literally 10 minutes long! Wait a waste of money for such a public stunt. Disappointing. Skip it unless you don't mind losing money.)
My mom was surprised that this was a 'large beer'.  FUN FACT: This is a stein from Augustiner brew house, where we ate, and also my beer of choice from Oktoberfest. I still have my stein and everything!
Great authentic atmosphere and food. Pricey, but worth it. GOOD TO KNOW: This is a lovvely place called the Cologne Dom (Koelner Dom zum Mittagessen) at Lunchtime and they have by far the best currywurst and authentic German food I've ever tasted. Psst! It was empty when we arrived and it's right around the corner (in the alley) from Augustiner!

A Michael Jackson shrine near the altstadt.

***** I haven't any picture past this, but will soon (I hope) so I'll edit as the arrive to me.***** 

Climb the tallest church tower in Ulm.
Only made it by night to see my small town of Tuebingen.
And spend one last night in Stuttgart (after witnessing a bit of the Stuttgart 21 protest!)
Me and my mom donated to the cause got ourselves some protest pins and stickers (don't worry! I filled her in on the situation so we didn't aimlessly pick a side!)
And then I cried on the train as I made my way back to Tuebingen in the morning as my mom was off boarding her plane. Sad day. I didn't expect to get homesick after she left, but when you start crying in public, well.....

My new semester of German only classes starts next week but surprisingly leaves me with a five day weekend every day for the rest of the year. This could be horrible or academically insane. Hmph. Guess I'll have to find something to occupy my time with. Another virtual internship perhaps? You can still catch me three times a week over at emcBlue.com!!

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