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Whew. Can you believe this blog has been documenting my study abroad for a whole eight months now? What.the.heck. My time here in Germany is now a countdown of 12 weeks. Ahhh. I'm excited for my future in America but also scared of leaving Germany. I've been here so long already, why leave? :) Anywho, as I contemplate how much I will bring back with me, I remember how much I wish that I'd brought her in the first place.

This is a comprehensive list for students going abroad for either a semester or year. Get ready!

Try to bring ONLY one large rolling duffel bag or suitcase with you. At most bring a medium sized (empty) suitcase or duffel to bring back all the things you get in your host country! I was one of the only ones breezing (okay I admit, I still heaved it, but everyone else was dying with two huge suitcases--mostly the girls) by with my rolling duffel bag up the hill to my hostel. It will also limit needless crap I sometimes urge myself to bring back. 

** must bring abroad                                                                                  ^ good if studying in Germany

$300 in local currency
originals and copies of passport, visa and plane tickets
map of host country (don't get lost once you leave the plane!)
small travel purse/bookbag (for school and light travels; take as carry-on)
camera and computer USB
computer and neccessary charger
journal or blog to keep track and reflect :)
Addresses, photos and birthday info (you may forget while abroad and out of 'zone') of family and friends
money belt
^ Ziploc bags (also, cover your toiletries in bags and tape them, so they don't leak on the flight)
complete swiss army knife (w/ can opener and corkscrew)
reusable water bottle
peanut butter (Peanut butter is both expensive and not as tasty here. It sounds weird, but it's like they think all pb involves corn syrups and those without are too $$ to buy!)
favorite American snacks (Cheez-it's, cornbread mix, Bisquick, Chips Ahoy. Trust me, you'll be happy to have used that space just for snack foods! I mean, have you guys tried to live without Buffalo Hot Wing pretzels from Hanover or Stacey's Cinnamon pita chips? drool.)
mp3 player (I attempted to get away by not bringing my iPod, and I have surived, but it's always nice for days you just want to lounge in the park and tune out.)
bed linens (my room came with a pillow and thin comforter. Thank godess I brought my own sheets and pillowcases!)
shower and face towels
preferred brand of tampons
wool socks, plus a week worth of normal ones
stick deodorant (unless you like roll-on or spray :/ )
^ medicines (aspirin, allergy, cold, cough drops, sleeping aids, etc. Anything you take over the year in America, you will want to bring. In Germany, these items are expensive and you get only get them at a pharmacy)
2-3 pairs of workout clothes (even if you don't exercise, you never know what activities study abroad will expose you to!)
4 long-sleeved shirts for layering
1 professional outfit (just in case!)
good pair of tennis shoes
flip flops (good for communal showers and hostels)
warm jacket for snow
warm, waterproof gloves
worldwide adaptor (or seperates)

If you have any concerns or bigger questions for your packing list, feel free to leave a comment, tweet or e-mail.

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