How my perception of American entertainment has changed

It is around my eighth month of study abroad and my two month Spring Break is coming to a fast close. With the week of free time I have left, most of it has been spent with catching up with German grammar, eating healthy (no sugar this month for me!) and catching up on American media with my laptop. Surprisingly, some of my favorite shows and the art of the music video has really irked me. There are many elements I've overlooked in the past but now, after spending eight months in Germany without television, they are really sticking out!

*****Americans get hooked like bait and flip off the boat just as fast. Every once in a while a Facebook post or Youtube video strikes my German homepage. Whether it's Rebecca Black's 'Friday' video or the twins speaking their own language, Americans were taking the funny bait and then letting it go. It just seems weird to me now that viral videos are such a big deal in the world of media.Questions that these examples raises are:
what makes this interesting? why do we care? why are people giving into these things so much in America and not so much internationally?

This is not saying that Germany has quality TV programming, because they don't, but I've noticed that Germans and internationals in general don't get hooked on that item of the moment.
This is my favorite German show of ALL-TIME! If you are wanting to learn German or keep it up, watch this. It's funny, entertaining and all in German.

*****So many hits are coming through from America! I feel that I'm barely hearing famous tunes popping the charts from Germans or other internationals. Although we do have a few sneaky artists on the top, our radios are covered in American pop and rock as well.

*****Another thing that irks me that deals with more recent events is the way that Americans are the first to fall off the news bandwagon. They lost interest in current events that are important to the world abroad. We are charitable in the beginning, but they drop the ball a month later when the news may be less relevant, but just as important to the world around them. How many countries are currently facing a terrible crisis? I'd like to ask some Americans this question.

What are your thoughts on the differences between American and international media? Has study abroad changed your perception?

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