Building your future career while studying abroad

A lot of folks really do still believe that studying abroad is a vacation. Just look through this blog. It's a beautiful growing experience, but also a multitasking fiasco if you let you American life slip through too much. For me, as a journalism student and German minor who is only studying her minor at the the moment, my American life if busting through the airwaves.
Journalism is a tough field, and since it is so competitive it is important for me to never stop learning. I spent a big chunk of my November and December spending hours writing cover letters and making Skype calls in order to secure a writing internship for the Spring. You can see my work three times a week at emcBlue.com! The rest of my time was of course spent cramming in for my German finals in February and then I encountered a long two month break which was spent traveling Germany and keeping up with my skills.
This week however, I have spent the entirety really knuckling down and searching for internships in San Francisco upon my return. I'm really excited to be working and researching in a office setting with a group of accomplished editors and such. At this point in my journalism studies, I feel that it is important to learn about all the different aspects and hone my techniques. My diversity can be explained by showing you all the internships I am looking at:

Yoga Journal
Sierra Magazine
Chronicle Books (publishing and editorial!)
San Francisco Magazine

It's been a frustrating week, especially with class registration coming up this Monday. But I'm going to keep it up until I reach my goals. There is no need to relinquish your future career goals just because you are in a different country. Social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype really help out.

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