Balancing opportunities during study abroad

As you all know I have been currently looking for a variety of virtual internships for the rest of my Spring and Summer 2011 semesters (catch me over at emcBlue! I just wrote my second Blue Profile in a row. This week is Adele--love her!) and anywho this week I received confirmations of one acceptance, one second round application and one interview. This is crazy.
(source) This is not a good example of balanced.
Combined with my two days of German class (two classes around two hours each day) this is going to be a strict schedule. I know that I want to do two of them for sure but the one I was accepted into was a wild card and in a category I wanted to gain a little experience in. This schedule will be--sorry, wiping the stress and overwhelmed sweat from my brows---hard, but I'm ready.

If I have learned anything from study abroad---why do folks say that? I've learned tons here! One important thing was that you really just have to go for it. College is nearing an end for me in one short year and I need to be ready for the crazy and fully stocked job market of journalism. The goals I want are clear and now is the time to prepare. These virtual internships are going to prepare me for crazy writing schedules, editing and really boost my journalism skills before heading off to take a pile of JOUR classes back at SFSU. Better yet, my dedication and resume are going to look even better for the desk internships I am currently applying to (aka crying over cover letter drafts and freaking out over perfecting my writing clips and resume design!!)

Have you ever piled on too much? Or just enough to not go insane but actually feel a rush of accomplishment?

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