8 months in. What do you miss the most?

It's eight months into study abroad and before my next semester begins (tomorrow!) I've been thinking about things I've really missed and can't wait for in August.

To see my stepmom and stepbrother!
Calling and knowing where my family is more often.
Going to a  Saturday matinee at the movies with my roommate. (6$ can't be beat in SF!)
Better clothes shopping varieties.
Secure a part-time position to get income.
Secure a in-office internship in downtown San Francisco.
Living in my own apartment (let's be financially real: I'll probably be in a shared apartment!) and knowing where I am living each month as right now I have no place/bed to go home to! :(
Grocery shopping. The produce and things available here just aren't the same. And coupons! I miss those.
Studying journalism at SFSU. Our program is just so great and I haven't gotten to study the field here.

If you are currently studying abroad or on a long trip, what do you miss the most?

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