Where'd the time go?

 My mom (and her boyfriend) left this morning to America. It went by wayyyy too fast and although I had a good time I kind of wished I'd had just six days solely with my mom. But, I want her also to be happy in her life. Anywho, study abroad is about growth. I didn't whine about it.

After shedding some tears on the train back to Tuebingen, I took a look at my semester ticket as I hopped onto the bus with my luggage, heading back solo to my dorm.
Uhm. EXCUSE ME!?! What is the madness!? How could it possibly be the end of my semester ticket plus the end of March. I bought this baby for 55,80 Euro in September. Now I've just dropped 58,50 Euro on the second semester! It's just killing me how fast the last bits of study abroad are going. And how good my German is getting. Not tooting the old horn or anything, but I am speaking, listening and reading like its nobody's business these days! I read a whole book in German in two days! This time last year, it was a struggle to finish my German homework on the errors of AKK and DAT (confession: still getting tripped up a bit).

Wow. Is there any point in your life where you had to stop for a moment and think, where'd did the time go?

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  1. Ah ! My dad and bro are leaving Sat! Glad you had fun with your mom!