Watching the Superbowl in Germany

Hooray for the Packers! I am not a big fan of football but I picked one team when we got to our viewing destination and stuck with them the whole way through. They had some funny moments of missing the football, but they made it.
Instead of doing the usual and sitting at home watching a big flat screen with a large group of family and friends, I was sitting within a large group at the D.A.I with a few friends and a projected ESPN America telecast. The experience was all sorts of different from the hooting and hollering I would hear in the States. It was especially strange for me to hear the National Anthem and not see anyone standing up, which, of course, was to be expected since many were not American.

Overall it was much less rowdy but still exciting. Before I go any further, I have to comment on the telecast because it was a real laugh. In case you are like me, thinking that ESPN America would be the exact same one you get in the States, I can tell you that you're wrong. Here are a few reasons:

1. The announcers seem to have no idea what they should be focusing on. The camera was focusing on the funny faces and antics of some of the members so they would make these ridiculously hilarious comments. Also, one announcer called the score wrong at least five times and never corrected himself. He had the score dead set at 21-3 way after the Steelers gained their touchdowns.

2. The cameramen were just horrid. I'm not sure if it was the same in America so you'll have to let me know. However the angles were so uncomfortable and they would have these rapid pan and zooms. I felt like I missed a lot of the views from the half-time show (anyone else cringe at the vocal quality?) because of it.

3. NO SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS. This one just breaks my heart. The main reasons for going to Superbowl parties is to watch the commercials and pig out. Too bad all I got to see was 'Superbowl Flashback' montages and trivia questions. It was not really my idea of a good way to spend those football breaks, but, what can you do? I took a half-hour to watch them all this morning. My favorites:
Doritos has really been on a roll since their hilarious commercials last year. This one caught me off guard and I could just not handle the combination of disgust and humor. Good one.

 What were your favorite commercials of the Superbowl? How did you enjoy your Superbowl experience?

P.S. Something that pissed me off was that people were twittering and going nuts over the fact that Christina Aguilera forgot an entire verse of the National Anthem! Big freaking deal, I say. I'd like to see someone take her place and try to sing it word for word in front of millions of people. How many of you can say you know the anthem by heart?

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