Vegan challenge: Day two

Today I discovered that although I felt prepared for the challenge and did a bit of grocery shopping, I did not take variety into account. Really, who wants to eat a combination of the same meals every day? Day two and I'm bored. Help me! Been looking up a few vegan recipes today.

Today for breakfast instead of just plain hot oatmeal with soy milk I had raw oats with cold soy milk and chopped apples mixed in. It was really delicious. Tomorrow some vegan planning has lead me to try and create this banana scramble. Going to omit the peanut butter however, just because the peanut butter here in Germany is none too good, and the brands that are good are like 4, Euro. No bueno.

Taking another turn at vegan grocery shopping today, in order to adjust my meal plan to allow more snacking and quick meals. Hunger cravings are starting to hit just because there are no real plans for vegan snacking, and the only other snacks I have contain butter or other sorts. The list:

two packs of thick rolled oats
seven bananas
pure tomato sauce
bread (check for vegan!)

For lunch I made myself something to fill myself up hopefully and it included a tofu+tomato+sprout combo on mehrkorn bread and another slice just to curb my ravenous hunger. After my three hour class and test it was a given that my next meal needed to be filling, varied and tasty! I took a tortilla and added spinach + garlic powder +  tomato paste + tofu and it was perfect. For dessert (which I have no meal plans for, any ideas?) there was one and a half spice cookies (vegan!)

Hunger! Hunger! Hunger! Really have to fill myself up this week to fight the urge to eat anything that lands in front of my face or within arms reach.

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  1. I absolutely here you. I find that I hungrier than I usually am. I made some vegan-friendly snacks in the hopes of taming the monster :)