Vegan Challenge: Day Four

Can't believe it's day four already! Today I tried my skill at using my camera without the LCD (since it sadly broke on my skiing trip). The results were to be expected, but I'm losing my patience for MSPaint this week because four days straight of exams are killing me! Anywho the (vegan) banana scramble was tested today:

3 T oats
1 T soy milk
flaxseed as the heart desires
2 t coconut oil
1/2 fat banana, mashed

I placed everything in a non-stick pan together and enjoyed!
Nom. Nom. Nom. Breakfast is the easiest part of the vegan challenge!

Things that lead to my blog this week:
belgium study abroad site:blogspot.com
jay baruchel tattoo
mood brussels belgium
propermood.blogspot.com (yipee!)

And as always I have a new article up at emcBlue!  

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