PM Budget: Saving for the Return Trip

Whoaaaa, what do we have here? Saving for the return trip?! Nonsense! It seems like this ride will never end!
One of the things that makes being abroad and knowing just how long you will be there is thinking about going back. Even though I am having a fantastic time (what other CSU students are excited to start watching the Superbowl at midnight this Sunday instead of the reasonable hour it plays in America??), I am constantly thinking about my future in San Francisco.

Will I fit in with the new group of journalism students in my course? Will I even remember how to do true journalism? How will I find a place to live in San Francisco in August!!? Am I going to be able to find steady work when I get back in order to support myself?

These questions could go on and on. Most people who know me are aware of my OCD tendencies with money and that sometimes I am so frugal I deny myself even simple things. Since being in Germany I have relaxed and kind of been on a streak of buying what I really want when I want it. Well, most things. I've splurged quite a bit more than I ever would back home.

Anywho, my tendencies still get the best of me sometimes and I could spend hours my excel spreadsheets and calculating. That is why I have been taking the time setting aside money --all without earning income (thank you Gilman!) while here in Germany. The only answer to this is interest, and I wanted to show you my progress and also lack thereof. [just click to enlarge the images!]

#1 Savings account with Sallie Mae Bank (this account was one purely made to 'hide' money from myself, as I always forget about it, never take anything out, and it gives me a few pennies each month).
The account started off with $25
 #2 Wachovia Way2Save (boy oh boy do I love Way2Save!! I have made and spared a lot with this program. I do not use this account in Germany and so it has just been pulling in steady interest since August).
I started this as soon as the program came out about a year ago? I love it. The transfers are from when I use money in my checking. My mom uses my checking for small emergencies, so those are from her.
#3 Wells Fargo Savings (I hate hate hate Wells Fargo. It is the devil of horrible banking and I was really sad to see it take over Wachovia. I started this account because they are all over San Francisco and before they merged, Wachovia was the only bank account I had But look at the savings rate! With $900 in there, I should be making a lot more. I wish there was an option to just dump all of this at one time into my Way2Save.)

I have one other bank account, but it is soley where I put money that I will spend over this year since it is a bank that works internationally without fees here. But yep, this is how I am saving institutionally for my return to the United States, it's not much, but it's something for a girl with no income since coming abroad. It also doesn't account for all that money under my pillow....

How do you save for the future? If you are abroad, how are you saving for your return?

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