Last Day of Semester + Vegan Challenge: Day Six!

Today was the last day of my first semester of German learning in Tuebingen, Deustchland. Sad ending and happy beginning to more German speaking, learning and living! I have two months free and I think in effort to save myself from the horrors of returning home penniless and self-supported, I will only make two trips and live the rest here in Tuebingen. One trip to London and one trip to Norway all in March. The end! Send tips my way if you have any or suggestions on where to stay!!

In vegan news I had a banana and double banana scramble for "brunch" and I created a vegan pizza for dinner. The crust wasn't so great because it was made from what was in my kitchen, but alright the same. It included only wheat bran, sunflower oil, flour and water. That's it! It's a bit crumbly but stable under garlic tomato paste and spinach + kale. The thing I would change next is layer the crust in the middle to make it tastier and veggier! haha
nom. nom. nom. I am quite enjoying veganism!
Vegan cupcake baking tomorrow with my vegan friends!!!!

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