Growth and Recaps

I got this e-mail from Gilman (the financial reason I was able to study abroad). I think my blog is a pretty good mix of those things, but in a way that students would still want to read them. It's kind of lame they won't put my blog on their Facebook site but whatever I guess. [the fact that 'The Editors' is in heavy rotation today is also helping with this emotion] This blog is about my study abroad trip and also gives out tips for other students. I have a few students from CSU campuses who have already reached out to me for advice and an advisor for study abroad SFSU has already complimented me on a great job my blog is doing. Thanks for sponsoring me Gilman but it's a slight shame you don't believe I have achieved growth in this process. I mean I guess my blog doesn't STRONGLY convey this, but there is revamping to do. To reassure my confidence in PM and myself, here are a list of some backlogs of study abroad tips, tricks and memories.

General Study Abroad
Is Study Abroad Right for You? PART ONE
PART TWO: I've Decided, Now what?
Learning German Vocabulary (helpful for all languages)
The Chronicles (interviews w/ fellow study abroad students): Julie, Jennifer and Kristy

Personal Study Abroad
I'm Scared (pre-departure)
Arrival in Germany + Host Family (really love this post)
Reading in German
Waiting for the Kick (frustrations of becoming fluent in a language)
The Knot (end of homestay)
Tuebingen and the Art of Reflection (personal growth abroad!)
The Joys of Being Rented (Rent-an-American program)
Watching the Superbowl in Germany

Budget Posts (to keep you $$$ sane)
Mo' Money, Mo' Budgeting
Letting Funds Slip Away
Winter Budgeting
Saving for the Return Trip 

What kinds of things attract you to a blog? What are your favorite academic or learning-centered blogs?

P.S. Two people searching for 'the film without the horrible' were directed to my blog. Weird.

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