Funny things that lead people to my blog

(in no order)
1. People who looked around for photos of Jay Baruchel on Google. Specifically this photo below. I'm sorry if you don't find him attractive...maybe I just have a thing for nerds? Remember this post?
2. Not sure how this one worked out but residents searching photos on the Belgium site for Google are linked to my blog by this photo I took while in Leuven, Belgium:
Then here are a list of strange keywords that link people to Proper Mood:

brandon flowers flamingo album cover
brandon flowers flamingo
qq (yeah....I don't get it)
"hostels" blogspot
"owl and the tanager" calvary (one of my favorite songs from Sufjan, but what is the 'calvary' for?)
and become a part of his host
burberry brit packable trench coat
brussel proper mood (hey! maybe they were actually searching for my blog!)
but i mainly used (uhhhh)

P.S. I entered a competition (twice for different things) and would love if you guys could lend a hand and spare time to vote for me at Brickfish!

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  1. hehe this is funny. what do you use for your stats? Can't believe you stayed up for the superbowl!!