Final day vegan + Link Love

Today is the last official day for the vegan challenge and I feel really confident about it. Eating vegan really isn't a challenge anymore. Last night I actually had a really amazing vegan dinner (sweet potato and chili bean burritos w/ a salad and a cherry chocolate cake!) and that was just too perfect.

Anywho there's not much energy left to create a post today because I'm going to be really busy all day since I have to publish an article immediately after the Grammy's today. Being abroad just makes it all the more worse since I can't watch it on T.V. and have to watch it on the telecast (at around 1am my time?) Whew...it's going to be hard but I want to not only make the most of my internship but the great articles that come my way. Covering the Grammy recap was just too good to pass up.

In lieu of an actual post here are some favorite blogs on my radar.

Haut, Really? I love this blog. It's a study abroad student in France and here posts are always super funny. At lot of her posts are fashion related but she does quite often wrap it into her abroad experiences.
Coffee Talk This blog started off as a food blog/diary concept and melded into a portfolio of infrequent but lovely bursts of photos and small text of the authors life.
Gordon and the Whale An entertainment blog I happened to stumble upon while searching for article inspiration for emcBlue. They articles they feature are less general and take specific highlights and interviews. I'm enjoying it so far.

Do you have any favorite or new blogs on your radar?


  1. Regarding your vegan week... I know it's too late to try it for that occasion, but I would recommend baking some sourdough bread once. I've tried it recently, and am very happy with the results - you can see some examples on my photostream:


    Cultivating the sourdough culture will take a week or so, but the basic recipe is very simple - just water, flour, and some salt, though you can add other things that suit your taste (I've made curry bread, and bread with garlic, olives, and Thai chilies).

    And once you get it right, I guarantee that the end result will taste far better than any bread you can get at 95% of American stores that sell bread. ;)

  2. Oh, and regarding blogs - I discovered this one recently:


    It's by another American expatriate who has settled down permanently in Germany, and who talks about interesting topics revolving around renewable energy. As he sometimes works as a translator, he also talks about subtle differences between the German and English language.