Day Three: Vegan Challenge Slip

This post starts off with a confession. Animal style sauce from In-N-Out has eggs in it. You may be asking yourselves how I even got my hands on it in Germany. A girl recently went back for Christmas break and brought some to a Mexican feast with had together tonight. My vegan-ness was going so well and I was having such a great time with it! I am hoping to extend it to a two week challenge. But you know what, I only ate three fries with the sauce and sucked it up and began again directly after. It just teaches me to read every single package, even if you think you know better. Going back to happier vegan times....

Breakfast: two vegan cherry chocolate cupcakes! Yum! Big thanks to Nicole, the baking vegan in my culture class.

Snacks: apple and banana

Dinner: Mexican feast of tofu and vegan beans and condiments! And then there was that damn sauce...

Any who, the cramps I am currently suffering from the eggs are not making me want to return to eating them anytime soon. Excited to be back on the bandwagon and eating vegan the next few days. How was your third day on the challenge!

Also! My video was played for the culture class today and well-received! Even better than I expected. In case you missed it the first time check it out again.

And as usual another article of mine is up at EmcBlue! Mike Skinner closes the book on The Streets
I am also covering the Grammys on Sunday on a same-day post. Any one no any good live streams?

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