Day one: vegan for a week challenge

Today was a really good day in terms of staying on track. I've been examining and thinking about every single thing I eat. The standard way of eating has already changed for me because of that. Eats for today are as follows: ( is mspaint form because I still haven't gotten the LCD for my camera fixed, anyone no of a good place near Tuebingen, DEU?)

My favorite soymilk! It was on sale at 1,49 Euro so I bought choco as well.

No real seasonings except olive oil for the greens and black pepper for the tofu.
For dinner I am thinking maybe chopped tofu with olive oil over iceberg lettuce. My lunch was actually very filling so light might be better for abendessen. This vegan challenge isn't half bad so far! Yes it's a bit of work to check labels, but we shall see what the tide has in store for me the rest of the week. I got invited to a mexican party on Wed so it's time to start looking for vegan meats or a nice tofu burrito recipe! Any ideas?

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