Things that can happen while you are abroad.

Your twin sister could be going off into Airforce training (two days)

She could also have just gotten engaged. (BIG 'OL CONGRATS TO MY SISTER!!)
my twin and I circa 2008
Sometimes life throws me so many curveballs I'm not sure how to bat at them.I've spoken before how my body doesn't handle stress well. It's stressing that my sister is engaged for a number of reasons (which doesn't mean I am not still happy for her.)

It stresses me out about my own situation and the type of life goals I had set out for myself before I reached 20, and before I reach the ever looming 21.

Did you know in the eighth grade I wrote my middle school exit 'my role model' essay on Jim Carrey. I am a massive fan and use him as motivation for so many things. Jim Carrey is not only a genius, but a man who struggled and rose above odds. He even wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 with the Memo "For Acting Services Rendered." He carried the check in his wallet everywhere before he got famous.
 How do handle unexpected surprises? How do you deal with the realization that past life goals my not be reached in time?

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  1. That's crazy! Congrats to her!! Weird to think life back home still happens when we're on the other side...