Resolution #999999999999 accomplished

I'm counting this as video vlogging. Sorry for the crap microphone quality. It's my first time using the recorder and well, I'm not shelling out money for a mic right now. Maybe you'd give one to me??? haha Anywho! This is  a cartoon I made for a project in my class. Enjoy! (And no, if you skip to 1:11 and just watch the film without the horrible screech of the mic, I wouldn't mind.) COMMENTS AND FEEDBACK please!

Does anyone know how to retain the image quality in Youtube? I swear it looks 1000% clearer on Windows Live Movie Maker.

Music used:
Clock Opera vs Hype Machine - 2010 Music Blog Zeitgeist Top Songs Mix
Frauenarzt - Das Geht Ab
Jeff Pianki - Anthroarcheology

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