Not so Vegan and Vegan in Leuven

I love food. I've had a number of started, successful and then abandoned food blogs over the years. Turns out it's a joy just taking photos of food (no matter what) for the heck of it. I actually photograph most of everything that is eaten at home, you just don't get to see! When in Leuven, with your first chance to taste vegan food at The Loving Hut, don't forget to purchase it 3x in two days! Just don't get the sushi (only bad menu decision)!

 atmosphere first, now onto the food...

love at first crumb.
vegan tiramisu. One layer literally tasted like soggy coffee flavoured oreos. Meaning I should have bought two.
vegan burger round two. notice the actual patty-like consistency? still bomb.

I ordered twice more at the Loving hut (vegan cream vegetable soup and happy fish sushi), but those are not pictured. Obviously.
the sandwich. need I say more?
waffles, Duvel, ravioli for the bus home and cheap sports attire.
Leuven was probably my favorite city over Brussels for food just because even though I ate out at The Loving Hut, I felt there were more alternative options. Brussels had around 5 of the same restaurants packed in the same tiny corners, I might have needed a local to help me sort that out more.

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