Having an internship is hard

Three articles due every week for an online internship that is based in America. It's so hard with the time difference but I know this is good practice for my post-graduation career (s). I'm having a hard time right now because lots of things are running together but I'm trying to take it one step at a time. Last year I had two stress related health issues and so I am trying to calm myself now before I get too overwhelmed and something happens.
Hmph. I still need to update with little travel posts and life posts. Like, I am an official skier! Had a lovely weekend, with lovely people and spoke so much German it makes me happy. Every minute me and my friends would just think: "Wow, this has been such a fun weekend!" A three-day ski trip in Feldberg at an amazing hostel with great food (surprise!).

I hope you guys had as lovely and fun a weekend as I did. Hopefully you are not letting the stresses of 2011 get to you either.


  1. At least you have a colorful brain! :)

  2. so true! We'll just say it translates into a more productive and creative brain. Thank goodness for that!