Today's confession of the moment, comes after an old friend asked me for few a high-tempo songs to put on a workout playlist she was making. When, I think of it, only one artist has a big track record of songs that make me want to get up, dance and work it out. In fact, he is my ultimate guilty music pleasure that I almost never talk about. Much like when you watch old re-runs of The O.C. but never talk about it? I will point out that I did not listen to his music, but did watch him on TV (Summerland, anyone?) when he looked like this....
Jesse McCartney's albums post too much bleach are always found in my iTunes, in fact, I bought them, full price, in public. I mean, come on! How can you resist someone who writes (yes, do I get bonus points now!!) some really catchy and great workout music! Okay, so I listen to it regardless of a workout but, still.
Alright, go ahead and laugh. But just go and look up a few of his songs from the Departure album and his newest single, 'Shake.' I hope I have officially destroyed your iTunes forever, with songs that I have memorized and can 'groove' to. Too shy to type it into Google? Ughh, fine:

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