Brussels, Belgium: Street Art

Slowly over the past months my interest in art has grown into an explosion. Here are some street/design art details found in Brussels.

This is 'The Sequence', a pretty amazing art installation tucked away near the EU.

this, and the next two, are actually from Leuven, Belgium
Enjoy! I know that you all are already pissing yourselves because of two posts in one day. That hasn't happened since pre-study abroad!


  1. I have never been to Belgium and am dying to go! Love your pics :) Did you go to Brugges?

  2. Well I really recommended it! Especially since you are so close being in France! Make sure to buy your waffle near the Mannekin Pis (they are only a Euro there!) I did not go to Brugges, because I thought it might be tourist overload. Just Leuven and Brussels! But I really want to go back and explore all the big cities there like Mechelen and Antwerp.