Montag 22/11
no spending day! 
Dienstag /11
4 Euro - blech. I loved this place my first week but after this experience I won't be going back. At least it will save me the ridiculous price.
Mittwoch 1/12
4,20 Euro -what's wrong with me! I had an American craving and picked up 2 packs of artificial cheese (ughhh), tuna, chocolate milk carton, kefir cup and bread
Donnerstag 2/12
2 Euro - pommes and traditional Gluehwein
Freitag 3/12
17, 32 - Lebensmittel! Looks expensive, but I bought a surplus of grains so that I won't have to shop the rest of the month (besides what I purchase in other countries I travel)
3,44 Euro - tofu (400g) and dried chickpeas. Getting back to my vegetarian roots. I'm not going fully back because I still find it vital to eat whatever comes my way (haha) while abroad, but I feel better without meat being a steady tie in my diet.

Samstag 4/12
1,50 Euro - yummy Kurbis (pumpkin) seeds roasted with sugar (like those coated almonds!) haven't even finished the 200g bag yet! :)
Sonntag 5/12
no spending day! (all stores will be closed) 
Weekly total: 32,46 Euro

*I hung out with friends finally and really enjoyed myself this week. It was the last week of spending before Brussels on the 17th (aside from 20 euro this starting week for my course fees.) I actually thought my week spending would be worse and so I was almost going to skip it this week, but not too shabby. So we'll table that in now..... 52,46 for two weeks. I'm happy!


  1. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I managed to spend money on a new skirt on Sunday. It's my xmas present to myself! I was just too excited stores were open...

  2. Ugh me too! My friend just told me about the cheapest little clothing store and uhhhh I have to spend nothing this week! haha I'm trying to save my shopping money for the vintage shops in Brussels.