Leuven, Belgium: The Sandwich.

 Did I just interrupt your Google Reader to give you a post about a sandwich? Why yes, I did. On my last day in Belgium, I had what must have been the strangest sandwich to ever semi-digest in my system. I bet you are flicking your eyes back in forth to the first picture or maybe you have already cheated and scrolled down.It's actually quite hard to write this post, because just thinking about the melody of tastes in my mouth that day makes me sick to my stomach. vom vom. Now I don't want to hate on the company, because it was a restaurant I was hoping to eat at during my stay--but let's just say it was deserted when I arrived.Surely the other options are better suited for my taste buds though.
I couldn't believe it.  I rushed over to the University Library in order to sit and take this photo. OMG.
Now, I will be the first person to say it was my fault. The menu was all in Dutch, and the workers didn't speak English (!). I picked this sandwich because I noticed the word avocado--forgive my shock when after receiving it, I reread it and the last word was 'banaan.' The horror.

Now, you are wondering where the bit comes in in which I say it was uniquely wonderful and I can't wait to revisit. Wrong! That was the nastiest sandwich yo ever touch my freaking lips. I had to take it apart and just eat the outside bread with the avocado spread on it. And that wasn't even that great. The avocado was quite spicy and lemony which is key for not fresh. Bleh. Hurl. Hurl. Hurl. Goodbye beloved 4 euro, I'm sorry I've wasted you.
Don't worry! I did have very good food experiences in Belgium as well. I frequented the frites, waffles and Loving Hut often! More on those later.

COTM (confession of the moment): I should rename this Musical Confession of the Moment.

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