Daft Punk soundtrack electrifies eagerness for the upcoming TRON: Legacy

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This December, vintage Tron (and all Walt Disney) fans have more than the gorgeous Olivia Wilde and sexy Garrett Hedlund to watch out for. The films soundtrack, a two-year project that was brilliantly crafted by French duo Daft Punk, released on the 7th of December.  Sleek, menacing and all the while alluring, Daft Punk has created a solid masterpiece. 

This year a variety of intense and admired soundtracks were heard, including Hans Zimmerman for Inception and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Social Network. Daft Punk and TRON: Legacy, however, are set to conclude the 2010 year with one that may out succeed them all.

The soundtrack pulls you full throttle into the movie, before it has even been officially released. The thrilling action and dramatic turns are so well exclaimed through the symphony and technique, that its entirety passes swift upon listen. Singled out, an obvious frontrunner is the track ‘Recognizer’.

“That was one of those tracks that really came alive,” said TRON: Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski, during a KCRW soundtrack preview with Jason Bentley. “It was a great track when it was a demo and all digital but, that was one when I heard the recordings from their live session that took a whole new life on.  I'm glad we did it.”

As the fourth track, ‘Recognizer’ truly shakes out the battles that are Tron and captures a somewhat grandeur feeling of excitement and eagerness.  It really makes one salivate for the upcoming film release. 

As the soundtrack electrifies itself to an end, one realizes that they not only need to replay it in entirety, but watch the visual movie component as well. The soundtrack of TRON: Legacy just continues to prove that 2010 was quite a great year for musical supervision and soundtrack creation. Here’s hoping 2011 can keep up.
TRON: Legacy releases into USA theatres December 17th 2010. The soundtrack is available now.

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