5 Days in Belgium

Sorry I have been M.I.A. this week. Been pretty scared and excited about the trip I am making to Belgium in just a few short hours. A peek into the life of the over prepared (without photos of my itinerary that I created myself with specific times such as 5:45--yes I know). I will see you in 5 days with a full recap!!
I remember when I first moved to San Francisco my dad got me a tiny red safety whistle that clipped onto my keys. All of my other roommates had gotten pepper spray from their father's.
I was just going to take a NorthFace backpack instead of this small suitcase, to look less like a tourist and more like a local student or something. I packed the book bag, and decided that a bulging backpack and purse slung over my body was DEFINITELY more conspicuous.

Big, big fan of samples. Saving lots of space, I packed travel size everything, my suitcase and purse are so light! I just had to give up some full size comforts, for example my larger toothbrush, large shampoo/conditioner, large face wash and Dolce and Gabana perfume. Not worth the weight or potential of losing. All large items pictured mean that I don't have it in travel-size.  Flashlight is just in case.

This is my travel bank account, he decides how much I get to spend on touristy things. I save by putting the 1 euro, 5 cent, 1 cent, and 50 cent coins I get form transactions. Each trip, depending on the amount, I'll decide another way to use it. This time I will use it on souvenirs.
18, 70 Euro. I won't be buying many fancy souvenirs (I am however going to include treats like waffles and pommes into this fund as well. I am a postcard kind of gal, so I don't expect to use this full amount on touristy 'bring-backs'.

The hostel I will staying in for the first two days doesn't provide breakfast (hence the granola in my suitcase if you didn't see). I packed these for snacks and quick breakfast or hunger fillers. The sandwich in front is for the bus trip, along with some sunflower seeds not pictured.

I wish you all safe travels and will be back with you all soon.

COTM (confession of the moment): When I was 16 years old I went to a Harry and the Potters concert at this really crap dive bar--with my mom. I'm sure looking back it was more embarrassing for her than me. And then, out of nowhere, the band came up on my Last.fm today, and I saw this.

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