What I'm Reading....

I'm always looking through more information on studying, college, brain foods, abroad and more. Huffington Post's college sections is one of my favorite things and I found two stories that really interest me.

American Students Studying Abroad Has Declined for the First Time in 25 Years

I thought it brought up some good stats on how students are going off the beaten path with studying abroad. What I didn't understand is the authors title and then backing stats. Most of them were claiming that students studying abroad had slightly increased, but then she spoke over the evidence of decrease in 08-09. Hmm. What do you think?

The Most And Least Popular Study Abroad Locales

This is a slideshow which I hate and don't understand the need for on internet websites? Who wants to click through for 14 seven word answers!? Ugh. But get through it by just going down to the little photos and holding your mouse over to see some of the information. I'm not surprised the U.K. was a big loser, because let's face it, the whole idea is getting a bit cliche. (My wanderlist does include living there for a year in my lifetime)Some of the ones that were shocking was Denmark raising. It's somewhere I want to visit, but don't think most students do. One place that would have been a treat to see but it's really pricey: Norway. If I could have studied anywhere besides Germany or London that would have been it. What about you? Where would you most like to study abroad?


  1. I actually looked into studying in the USA at one point, but when I read about the typical tuition fees there, my first thought was: "This is a joke, right?"

    Then I learned that no, this wasn't a joke, and settled for Scotland instead.

  2. It is a joke. It's strange to see the school protests abroad when there tuition is only 1000 euro or so here in Tuebingen and it's one of the best universities in Germany. I think wow, I wish that was the kind of price we were protesting against instead of thousands.