Weekly Spending Recap: 22/11-28/11

Montag 22/11
8,80 Euro-Lebensmittel (groceries)
2,40 Euro- photos copied for Rent-an-American, which I then forgot at home! ughhhhhh
67 Euro (88.76 USD) - bus ticket to Beligum (there and back!) *didn't actually buy this Monday but I couldn't remember when and needed to add it in somewhere to make proper budget calculations.
Dienstag 23/11
2 Euro - Doener after tennis that served as my lunch and dinner. For some reason I thought it smart not to go home and eat even though I had four hours of straight class afterward. Ughh, our workout was intense, so I had to eat something other than the carrots I'd packed. NOTE TO SELF: pack full lunch on Tuesday!
+0.01 Euro (cent)- found it walking back from tennis!
2.73 Euro- deposit for Brussels hostel
6.86 USD-deposit for Leuven hostel 
Mittwoch 24/11
2,14 Euro- oats for batches of granola I will be making (decided I could knock off 20 Euro of my Brussels spending if I bring two batches of granola and eat that for breakfast (in the Brussels hostel where it isn't included) and 'hunger bay' snacks. Been testing out a few protein and fiber recipes this week, and it seems like it's going to be a great idea.
Donnerstag 25/11
no spending day!
Freitag 26/11
no spending day!
Samstag 20/11
no spending day!
Sonntag 21/11
no spending day! (all stores will be closed) 
Weekly total: 85,06 Euro + 6.86 USD (15,84 Euro total excluding Brussels trip totals)

*Overall it was a cheap week since the travel costs are all included with my Brussels total. I'm saving and preparing for Brussels. I keep telling myself, "Wouldn't you rather buy this in Brussels?" "Wouldn't you rather use this money on a sit-down dinner in Brussels?" and it keeps the temptation down.

*Some readers e-mailed me with the idea that I should do couchsurfing for Belgium, and I actually am a member, but I don't feel quite safe doing it alone my first time. When my friend comes we plan to use it, but I'm still unsure and there are things I want to make sure I do in the city. Couchsurfing is not only housing, but a social and sharing network where you spend time with the other person and they show you around. It would be cool, but not something I'm looking for during this trip. Maybe the next one to Belgium?! Thank you though!

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