We'd like to interrupt your daily blog for...

SNOW! German snow. The great thing about it is that it's only around -4.7 degrees C, which to me doesn't feel could enough for all this fluff!
I got it from my momma! She was so kind to send me my favorite candy!! I've already eaten one of the packs. OOPS.
 WAIT. Wasn't I talking about snow!!?
I have knock off UGG Skechers for more warmth, because obviously I die in these with the snow, but I need to buy boots! Shoes are so expensive with the Euro.  :(


  1. I wish it snowed where I live---I feel like Christmas just aint Christmas..without some snow on the ground :(

  2. True, it's going to be a white Christmas! But brrr. It's cold here! I have to buy boots soon before the snow and ice eat my feet alive!

  3. Weather like this makes me glad I was allowed to keep my old boots from my military days. They may be ugly, but they do keep the feet warm and dry...