Travel and excitement and finances! Oh.....my.

Whew. It's going to be a crazy and pricey December, but worth it just the same. Taken the pleasure to check out the newest tab on the site for....travel! Today I wanted to share a few of my thoughts and latest travel related purchases for this coming December. Exciting travel number one....I'M HEADED TO BRUSSELS!

Yep. Finally the dream that for some reason popped up in my head is coming true. Taking a bus to Brussels (67 Euro roundtrip from Stuttgart) and five days to explore Brussels and Belgium.

My iternerary is pretty much set like this:
Arrive in Brussels (6am) 18/12 - 20/12 (morning)
Take 18 minute train to Leuven 20/12-21/12 (morning)*
Take 40 minute train to Ghent 21/12-22/12 (morning)* awww the cool hostel I was going to stay in was booked so I'm going to spend two days in Leuven, and maybe make a quick roundtrip to Ghent if Leuven doesn't suit me. But I've already put deposit down for two days!
22/12 is last day in Brussels. Bus leaves 11pm.

The cities I will visit are intended day trip that I pushed into overnight stays because the hostels were cheaper or the cities seemed too cool not to see the nightlife. As far as bookings, I have already put down a deposit for a hostel for my first two days, and emailed the respective others about my arrival and request for booking. Did I mention I will be sleeping on a boat/hostel/eco-friendly amazing-ness complete with included vegetarian and bio breakfast at one of the hostels? Yep! Only staying there one day but boy am I excited!! So once the other hostels for my next two nights are situated I am ready to go to BELGIUM!
FINANCIAL/BUDGET UPDATE: With the budget I have planned, this will set me back about $203.56 for accommodations and transportation and $275.87  for five days, including 20 Euro on souvenirs, eating all days and the estimate of 70 Euro for shopping in the flea and vintage markets! I overestimated as a usually do, saying that I would spend 8 Euro on every meal, which is obviously not true as I will not be going to a sit down restaurant but thrice during this trip and I have already scooped out quick and filling places I will eat at and their menus and it's less than 10 Euro! :)This seems like quite a bit but it actually won't ruin my budget at all. Since I overestimated myself by a lot before coming here (why did I think I'd spend 200$ on clothes each month!?!), this trip is being fully covered by the shopping funds of October (leftovers) November and December, which is funny. The overestimated budget had me living way below my means, and hope to keep it that way.

Upon my return, I will have three full days to enjoy the Christmas spirit of Tuebingen for three whole days (I guess, alone? which sounds sad but I think the international students are either heading home or traveling!) before heading to Stuttgart to pick up my San Francisco bestie Heidi! She will be staying for two weeks and her one travel request so far was....PARIS FOR NEW YEARS. Now, if you've read my travel tab, I'm not to interested in ever going there, but I'm caving because she's only going to be here two weeks and we should do what she likes. And who knows, maybe I'll change my mind about the city! I think we will probably stay 2 days.

After that, I think it wise to explore and show off Germany for the last week and a half. So I want to plan a circular trip around Deutschland, making sure to stop at: Frankfurt and Berlin.

Do you guys have travel recommendations? Any foreigners/locals know places that I (and we) should hit up during our travel season (!): Brussels, Paris, Germany eats and treats? Let me know in the comments!

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