Things I Miss About the South/Midwest While in Germany

1. Home fries. I cooked myself some this morning and realized YES! they were damn good. And I realized I miss them so much. Not really sure if this is specifically southern, but they're...
damn good in NC.

yes, my breakfast this morning for the win.
2. Ooeey Goeey Butter Cake. No one will know what I am talking about unless they are from Missouri. Don't you dare let anyone tell you it's from anywhere else other than Saint Louis!! But it's pure butter, sugar amazingness. Please send some to me! (Really, if you would, I'd love you forever and send you something special from Deutschland. Please email me if you'd care to! :)
 3. Fried fair foods. Oktoberfest is a German fair, lacking in any of the things I see at my home state fairs: fried oreos, twinkies, Mars bars or funnel cakes. They do have unfried Mars bars though.
credit: http://www.funnelcake.co.uk
4. Southern gentleman and hospitality. This one is a bit for kicks because I wanted to get off the topic off food (mmmm) but I have met plenty of Germans whom live up to my expectations of what I've experienced in the South.

5. My mom's pound cake. I don't have a picture but it's my mom's baking. Of course it's delicious! (Ship some please along with those Reese's mom!)


  1. Out of curiosity, have you spent much time browsing through the offerings of the local bakeries?

  2. Too much. I have a plan of going to every bakery in Tuebingen and testing the waters. :)