The Joys of Being Rented

Oh. Sorry Angela but did you just say 'rented?' Like as in I can rent you? Well, yes, that's exactly-well, kind of what I meant by that. This Monday I had the pleasure of working with the German American Institute, or d.a.i. It was a lovely experience I will never forget and hope to do over and over again this year abroad.

So you're wondering? How does it work? What exactly do you mean? The name of the specific program I have volunteered myself for is Rent-an-American. It involves traveling different German around to different schools and explaining American culture and letting the students have a chance to learn more about myself and banish some of their American stereotypes.

The group working with me was particularly amazing, they were really interested in getting to know me and America. Of course, it is nerve-wrecking because no one wants to be put on the spot with the chance of any question coming up, but it was all in fun mostly. Two questions I did get that surprised me from 14-16 year old students were: How do you feel about the death penalty? and Do you like Barack Obama? It was quite a rush to receive these questions and I responded as honestly as I could and then asked for their opinions. It made our group become tight knit by the end of our 40 minute session. And of they asked fun questions too! Like, do you have a boyfriend? Do all Americans eat McDonalds? Do you like being called an Ami (slang for an American)?

I can do nothing but reccomend any American in Germany to partake in this program, as it is thrilling, interesting and will really acquaint you with Germans culture as well. I was literally beaming afterward and it didn't help when the school presented this:
yummy chocolates from their town of Balingen
pumpkin chocolate brittle of some sorts?!

So sweet! But too be honest I'm not sure when I'll ever be diving into this bag of goodies. I have a bit of OCD, or a problem of sorts with hoarding things I may never get my hands on again. I mean, if I eat the pumpkin brittle, I may never see it again, and plus, it was a gift! Paranoid I know. Wishing I could make myself open the package and eat one of the sweets right now. Ah well, the confusions of our brain cannot be ceased in one swoop. I'll let you know when I eat a piece!

My next workshop is next week talking about Thanksgiving and holidays in America. Can't wait!


  1. Out of curiosity: Why _were_ you surprised by those two questions you mentioned?

  2. I was shocked because we literally went from talking over puppies and horses to the death penalty. It was funny, but the type of questions I enjoy.