New place, Prague

Everyday is a new one and nothing will ever be the same. For four days of my week long break before school FINALLY starts for me (getting anxious here!) I went with two friends in my program to....PRAGUE!

We stayed with super vibrant and awesome hosts, two couples, living in a lovely space in Prague and welcomed us with open arms. We got to feel so acquainted with the city and also learn all the history without having to carry around a Frommer's GuideBook! They also showed us around to their favorite local hangouts which was just such a treat. I can't wait to return!

a local sweet treat, forgot the name but very delicious!

My first time trying goulash, it was seriously amazing.
cutie Czech girl. After she tried to feed these hungry (and gangly) pigeons.
goodbye Prague.
P.S. Hopefully Blogger fixes my upload problem quick. I am embarrassed to say how long this took to get upload (5 hours!!??) and I would love to be posting my photos more often.

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  1. I am currently serving in Peace Corps Bulgaria and I hope to go to Prague this New Years. Your photos are beautiful