Home Cooked Breakfast (s)

MMmmm. Smell that? No. Not that. But smell that warmth, feel the cozy spot your butts been resting on? That's your chair, and on your table is the warm (or sometimes cold) homemade breakfast for you, yourself and well, hand a little of that over to me as well.

My favorite thing about living in a dorm without a host family to make me a solid breakfast is making my own. It feels much better and I can have the breakfasts I'd like. Actually, I really love health food, and while my diet may not always reflect that (I am in still in college) nothing beats plain or natural things, especially to start your day.

Cooked oatbran with flaxseed and nothing else.
 German Cinnamon Toast Crunch (only I guess they don't add sugar to it? It's really TOO much straight-up cinnamon) and a side of muesli, with 1,5% milk. Both eaten separately until the very last bites.

The posts about my travel and finance experiences will be up soon! Just figured out a way to get around my problem with photos but it's a bit tedious and I'm off to meet a friend this morning! Have an awesome and great day! I hope you ate breakfast!

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