Julie Kijewski, 23, Long Beach State University

Why did you decide to come to Germany for your study abroad?
"Well, my major is art history and I just declared German as a second major. I had to take German for art history, so I wanted to come and perfect the language."
Why do you think it is so important for students to go abroad?
"So [students] can be a little more open and learn more about themselves by traveling. Being put in uncomfortable situations makes you realize how easy life is in your own native country."
How are you funding your trip abroad?
"I have worked in a restaurant (Roman Cucina) for the past five years, and I have lived at home so I have been able to save money. No help from mom and dad! I also took out loans in case I don't have money. And I was a nanny too!"
Did you look into or apply for any scholarships?
"I am now with the Baden Württemberg Stipendium."
Going back to school, how many semesters of German have you taken? 
How do you feel your German has progressed in these first three weeks?
"I feel like I am understanding more just by hearing it. I can understand a lot easier."
What are some challenges you have overcome?
"Okay airlines, with my luggage, bank challenges, computer challenges, stuff like that. Technology. Stuff that I avoided in the states, somehow, everything's happening here."
What is your favorite way to study?
"By having hot man tutors. Haha. Tutoring helps out. I am a visual learner so watching films and hearing them, people speaking, it helps. Pictures help [too.]"
Where do you expect to be in three weeks at the end of the intensive, and the beginning of our school semester?
"I expect myself to be able to navigate through areas a lot better. To be able to ask more questions, (and) to have more confidence within the language itself. Everything."

**You can read all about Julie's study abroad experience in her blog: Julie's German Life**

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