Falling on Hard Times

1 or 2? 1 or 2? This is the question I was asking myself this morning as I waited for my German midterm to be handed out. I ended up with a 2+ which means a 1.7, but I was still really sad. It was the kind of situation where getting a 2 is appropriate for my skill level and having only one semester of Deutsch, but my brain wanted more.

In case you are confused, here is a breakdown of the grading scale from Wikipedia:
  • 1 (sehr gut, excellent) is the best possible grade and is given for outstanding performance
  • 2 (gut, good) is the next-highest and is given for performance that meets the standard completely and is above-average
  • 3 (befriedigend, satisfactory) indicates "average" performance.
  • 4 (ausreichend, sufficient) is the lowest passing grade and is given if the standard has been met but with a number of notable errors.
  • 5 (mangelhaft, deficient) is the higher of two failing grades and is given if the standard has not been met but the basics have been understood.
  • 6 (ungenügend, insufficient) is the lowest possible grade and is given if the standard has not been met and the basics have not been understood.
You think, three weeks of nothing but German living and etc and your level should have skyrocketed. I felt that this grade was telling me I hadn't but now looking back on it, it's telling me the complete opposite. I excelled quite a bit to even be in the German course I was placed in at Hermann Hesse Kolleg. It is an intermediate class and with only one semester of German, and no previous langauge learning beforehand, it was quite a feat. Many of the students in my class have had two semesters.

I'm taking it with stride and telling myself that soon it will all make sense. This block, this mini-downfall, it just a simple piece of the language learning equation. Taking the good with the bad. This week, we have a completely new teacher due to our insanely awesome old one going to teach Gymnasium. She is for sure not the teacher we once had and she is also a bit intimidating. I'm feeling a bit scared, but I know that these next three weeks are really going to boost my German learning. Nowhere to go but further.
Have you ever had an experience in which you felt you hit rock bottom when you sensed yourself going up?
And on another note, any tips for staying healthy and not getting sick while abroad? Seems like my whole group is coming down with something. Except me....*knock on wood*


  1. Hm.. do they have Emergen-C over there? I know they have these tablets that come in a tube.. you should go to the Apotheke and check it out. You're bound to find something!!!

    I know how you feel though. But you know what? It's good to have these moments so you get a better idea of where you're at. You know what I mean?


    p.s. did you end up taking the long way home? ;)

  2. Haha 'the long way'. Such an awesome way to put it. So right! And yes, I really need to check out the Apotheke, we have like 50 in our small little town. I brought some medicines from home, but only benadryl and nyquil. I think I'll go in and ask the clerks today. Thanks!